USB Security Suite

USB Security Suite
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It is important to protect your PC from computer viruses and other malware that may lead to data loss and a great deal of damage to your devices. This is why it is important to keep your portable storage devices in check as well. The portable storage disks are prone to acquiring harmful files or code snippets and hence should be checked regularly with the use of USB Security Suite.

USB Security Suite allows users to check their portable devices for any harmful files and makes sure that the devices and your home PC is protected from any viruses or malware. This tool is very reliable and efficient and a great way to ensure that the longevity of your devices stays the same.

The tool has many features that make it the best choice for users. Here are some of them listed out for you-

Data Duplication

If you are working on a project that requires complete secrecy and it is important for you to protect your data against any hackers and duplication, USB Security Suite is one of the best tools for you. This will protect your data against unauthorized duplication and allows users to connect to any device without having to worry about data theft.

USB Ports Monitored

You can manage to monitor the USB ports and track all activities with the active log drive activity that ensures that you can manage all the devices attached to the port. It also allows you to disable a port enabling the user to attain the power of controlling what devices have access to the drive on your computer.

Remove Autorun Viruses

If your device or drive is attacked by autorun viruses there is not much you can do as a user to save your system. USB Security Suite tackles autorun viruses and hence makes sure that the users can rely on this tool to eliminate any threat that they would otherwise be unable to handle manually.

Email Activity Logs

You can also check the USB port activity from a remote location by sending the log in the form of an email. This ensures that you can monitor your system even when you are not present to do it manually. This makes the tool extremely reliable and this flexibility offers users freedom like no other software can.

All these features make USB Security Suite one of the best options to protect your removable drives from any harmful content and ensure that you can use them without having to worry about it being affected by unwanted sources.

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