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Software/App Name: Thunderbird

Category: Utilities

System Requirements:

OS: Linux, macOS, and Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Setup Size: Differs based on Platform

Thunderbird caters to the needs of millions of users wanting a feature-rich yet simple email client that ticks all boxes while retaining standard security and privacy measures. It is developed by the Mozilla Firefox organization and is a stark competitor to the Microsoft Outlook software, created by Microsoft, that offers similar capabilities.

Users who Download Thunderbird over its competitor can access several helpful features that are absent in most other email clients, making this software a valuable tool for professionals.

Thunderbird for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac Systems

Get to speed with Thunderbird using the numerous features it offers to its global users across multiple operating systems to serve better and lightning-fast messaging capabilities.

The initial wizard can help new users familiarize themselves with the software while simultaneously setting up their profiles. The in-built features support a pleasant user experience by decluttering their workspace to adopt a minimalist approach. However, it does not translate to the software being a simpleton.

Thunderbird Features

For many years, millions of people depend on Thunderbird to manage, organize and create emails in their daily lives and continue to use it to date because of its minimal dependence on additional tools. Sure, users can introduce new features to the software using plugins, but while they do so, the essence behind using the software is never compromised.

Simple & Intuitive

The key reason why people prefer to use this software is that it’s straightforward right out of the box. All the complexities of configuring the email client and similar operations are automatically managed by the startup wizard, which can later be re-configured from the settings section.

  • Smart Mail Account Setup Wizard
  • Supports IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS settings
  • One-Click Address Book for Easy Contact Management
  • Attachment Reminder
  • Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Search Tools
  • Email Archiving
  • Tabular Informative Interface
  • Easy Feature Navigation

Highly Customizable

Users who require specific capabilities from the software without having to deal with some unnecessary features can customize the software by making simple changes to the look and feel of using it.

  • Supports Millions of Add-Ons
  • Install/Remove/Manage Third-Party Extensions
  • Install/Remove/Manage Themes
  • Lightning Calendar (Create/Manage Multiple Calendars)
  • Large File/Attachment Viewing/Playback integration
  • Smart Folder Management for Multiple Accounts
  • Chat & IM Add-Ons to assist remote communication
  • It supports Password Manager Integration
  • Completely Multilingual
  • In-built Add-Ons Manager
  • And much more

The collective customization provided to the users that they can choose to get or refuse makes it a leading choice for email management for millions of Linux and professional Windows users.

Private & Secure

Though the software is open-source and free to use and share, it does not compromise the user identity by providing essential privacy features to ensure account and information security.

  • Remote Image Protection for Robust Privacy
  • In-built Phishing Protection Filter
  • Automatic Updates to Regularly install Security Updates
  • Modern Junk Mail Filter to weed out clutter from Inbox

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