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Software/App Name: TeamViewer

Category: Utilities

System Requirements:

OS: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Setup Size:- Differs based on Platform

Join the list of 600,000 global customers and millions of free users of TeamViewer, allowing easy remote connections and more across multiple operating systems. The tool is beneficial for individuals and organizations that deal with IT solutions or simply want to manage their systems remotely.

Teamviewer AG developed it for providing remote access and remote control services to clients involved in computer maintenance and other technology sectors.

Team Viewer for Windows PC, Mac, iOS & Android

Users can download TeamViewer for Windows PC, Mac, iOS & Android systems and use the in-built interoperability to acquire and transmit remote access and remote control to systems, respectively. The software also offers other helpful services and features, making it one of the most advanced and revered remote access solutions in the market.

The software lets users connect for free to remotely located machines like servers, IoT devices, commercial-grade machines, and other systems while providing high-speed and secure access to both parties involved within a session.

TeamViewer Features

The key features provided by TeamViewer enables users to carry out various operations on working and partially working systems while simultaneously allowing useful features like video conferencing, file sharing, etc.

The following features primarily define TeamViewer:

Remote Access

Millions of users worldwide rely on these features to manage their systems more efficiently without remaining physically present on their devices.

  • Gain access to high-speed connections that allow real-time operations on connected devices.
  • Connect with multiple devices at a time or manage multiple workspaces simultaneously.
  • Remotely boot a computer in Safe Mode and reconnect without hassles.
  • Manage permanent unattended access to unlimited devices.
  • Access in-built TeamViewer Meeting video conferencing.

Cross-Platform Operability

Carrying out cross-platform operations does not require additional software other than the base TeamViewer installation and offers the following usage flexibility:

  • Share screen with cross-platform devices without performing supplementary configurations.
  • Transfer files between clients with maximum speed and security and remotely manage the files transferred to iOS from the Files app.
  • Perform system diagnostics when using the desktop application for connecting with a handheld device.
  • Chat between devices or take screenshots, manage files and gain complete operability of the device with one click.

Remote Support

The most rewarding part of the software allows global users to offer remote support that fuels various industries that rely on digital devices and technology to perform and accomplish their daily operations.

  • Provide and extend Ad-Hoc support to numerous users.
  • Custom Branding support for Enterprises and Businesses.
  • Integrations for major service systems are supported for service case management.
  • Leave Notes on Remote Computer to alert the user after the system is logged in.

Industry Class Security

The leading software in the remote support field offers the same high-level security application to all its users regardless of their software version or type.

  • Secured with the end-to-end 256 bit AES encryption technology.
  • Users can enable two-factor authentication and other security measures for added security and privacy.
  • The portable version functions on the same security protocols without demanding additional administrative permissions.

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