Super Audio CD Decoder

Super Audio CD Decoder
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Super Audio CD Decoder is an input plugin for foobar2000 which has the ability to playback Super Audio CD ISO images, DSDIFF and DSF files for compatible devices.

Though it is less known among the average users, on the other hand, audiophiles are completely familiar with SACDs. It is highly capable of extended playtime as well as provides support for various channels as compared to ordinary Audio CDs.

If you are the one who is unfamiliar with this input plugin, can usually be able to use it in foobar2000, which is capable of opening the entire empire of audio delights.

Super Audio CD Decoder, being easy to access and small foobar2000 decoder plugin ease your task of running SACDs.

Install plugin SACDs

You can install a plugin in SACDs easily without any hassle. You will not find any difficulty at all, it just requires moving to the components section in the configuration panel of foobar2000 and install the desired component, which is as simple as you think.

SACDs do not have its own interface, instead it is integrated into foober2000 effortlessly, it provides its users the number of configuration options which can be accessed in the Tools section of Settings panel of the user.

List of options

It provides you a variety of options to choose from, thus enables you to use it in your own way as per your needs and preferences. Like, you can choose ASIO driver mode from the available possibilities, you will find it as a PSM or DSD if your existing sound card supports DSD playback.

Among the other options, it allows you to set the PSM volume and sample rate in addition to the DSD to PSM mode. Moreover, the component which has been added recently can turn on editable tags.

Remember that using the component is not easier, you need to insert a Super Audio CD to listen to the contents or you can opt to use an image file which contains the required data.

Adding SACDs to foobar2000 is something that the average user finds it difficult to do. Audio aficionados can be tried in combination with this audio player, which is more flexible in terms of options and support due to its community.

You must give one try to Super Audio CD Decoder to enjoy its features.

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