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Software/App Name: Sandboxie

Category:  Security & VPN

Setup Size: 2.6 MB for Windows

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 2003 server.

Malicious programs and viruses function by attempting to make changes to your computer that benefit the hacker rather than you. Sandboxie is a sandbox tool that works as a safe haven where you may test out potentially risky programs, apps, and connections. It prevents any alterations to your computer by keeping the application and any viruses it may contain within the app and not letting them loose on your computer.

Sandboxie is not available for Mac OS, but an alternative has comparable features and runs on Mac OS. Cuckoo Sandbox, which is both free and open-source, is the most acceptable Mac option. Thus, you can download Sandboxie for free for all Windows operating systems. 

Sandboxie for Windows PC 

Sandboxie can detect changes to directories and the system registry, and almost no software can get out of it. It keeps temporary files and browser history in two distinct locations. When the session is over, you can select what to do with the changes that have occurred as a result of your online browsing. Any software you use with this utility remains equally helpful and continues to function normally.

Sandboxie for Windows is a program that allows you to create virtual environments on your computer, run your applications in a separate environment, and prevent them from permanently altering other programs or data on your computer.

Sandboxie for Windows PC does offer a function called Quick Recovery that allows you to quickly restore deleted apps if you decide you need them for other testing purposes.

Features and Highlights 

Sandboxie is a program that can terminate all sandboxed apps at the same time. Because some websites open three new browser windows for everyone you close, you can have Sandboxie close them all with a single click. There are many more features of this incredible software, such as:

Secure your System from Any Harm

Sandboxie is a useful tool for testing untrustworthy software without putting your system at risk. With this tool, you can keep harmful malware from infecting and destroying your computer, potentially causing you to lose important data.

All malicious apps will be discovered and locked in the sandbox, which can be uninstalled immediately to prevent any further and lasting damage.

Secure Web Browsing

When you use Sandboxie to secure your Web browser, all harmful software downloaded by the browser is imprisoned in the tool and can be easily removed.

Safe Tool

If you utilize Sandboxie in the way it was designed, it is a safe tool to use. For example, you could use this isolated environment to start a browser, download some programs that turned out to be viruses, and then run them inside the sandbox. The virus has the potential to damage and erase important data on your computer.

Fortunately, any harmful effects are kept only within the sandbox if you have this software. Your windows will remain intact when you restart your computer as if nothing had happened.

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