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Software/App Name: Netscape 

Category: Browsers

Setup Size: 6.06 MB 

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 98, Windows SE, Windows 2003, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7 & Mac OS

Netscape is a free Windows program that falls under the category Browsers and the subcategory Web browsers.

It’s only available in English and is compatible with Windows 98 SE and earlier versions of the operating system. It was last updated on 5/23/2011 with version

In terms of the download, Netscape is a sleek piece of software that takes up less space than most other browsers. The majority of Netscape downloads are found in the United States, China, and India.

Netscape for Windows PC and Mac OS 

Netscape for Windows PC has continued to release new features and versions on an annual basis. However, the most recent release is Netscape Navigator 4.0, which includes a number of new features. Most importantly, it features a significantly improved and redesigned user interface that is far more user-friendly than previous versions.

The new JavaScript engine in Netscape Navigator is speedier and allows the browser to process more data at once. The “web inspector,” which will enable you to see and test the internal status of your web browser, is another helpful feature introduced in Netscape Navigator 4.0.

In terms of functionality and functions, Netscape for Mac OS is exceptionally similar to Firefox, all in a clear, light turquoise interface. Netscape is very similar to Firefox in terms of tabbed browsing, RSS feeds, sidebar, and bookmark organization.

Features and Highlights 

Security Center

View the current state of the Netscape Browser’s security protection. When there is a problem, the browser will notify you automatically.

Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware

When you download files from the internet, the Netscape Browser performs real-time spyware screening. For Spyware protection and prevention, you can also run memory and disc checks.

Feeds that are Updated in Real-time

The Netscape Browser demystifies Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and allows you to view and manage RSS feeds without the need for a separate newsreader.


To keep your bookmarks and passwords safe from other users, create multiple profiles. Create a profile for your children and use the parental controls function if you have a family.

Installation is Simple and Quick

The installation process takes only a few minutes and has no unusual features, so you can securely start the Navigator after that.


AOL’s search engine is set as the default, but you may easily alter it. The time it takes Netscape Navigator to load a page is quick, but not as quick as its “mentor,” and it can get stuck or crash on rare occasions. Furthermore, even when only a single web page with text information is open.

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