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Software/App Name: MyPublicWiFi

Category: Add-Ons & Extensions 

Setup Size: 5.00 MB for Windows 

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 2000, Windows 7 

MyPublicWiFi is a simple application that converts your computer, laptop, or tablet into a Wi-Fi access point or Multifunctional Hotspot. Through your sharing, anyone in your direct proximity can access the Internet. This is a great way to set up a temporary Access Point in a hotel room, meeting room, at home, or anywhere else.

MyPublicWiFi is not available for Mac, but an alternative has comparable features and runs on macOS. Open Garden, a free Mac alternative, is the best option.

Download MyPublicWiFi for Windows PC 

MyPublicWiFi for Windows PC is simple to set up; all you need is an 8-character password, and the network you’ve created/shared employs WPA2 encryption to secure your security. You have complete control over the network and may log all session activity on your virtual WIFI-Hotspot, including any URL pages viewed.

The IP addresses, device names, and MAC addresses (Media Access Control) of any connected clients are also displayed in MyPublicWiFi for Windows PCs.

The setup is basic and straightforward. You launch the WiFi creator after installing the program. You can call your hotspot whatever you want. The Windows Firewall must be turned off altogether. The network is automatically configured, but the PC or device must be rebooted. A login screen appears, allowing friends, family, and visitors to join the virtual network you’ve built.

Features and Highlights 

  • MyPublicWiFi makes it simple to share your Internet connection. The installation process is straightforward, and the application is light enough to go unnoticed.
  • MyPublicWiFi isn’t the first or last program of its kind. Still, it succeeds in attracting people with a limited grasp of WiFi networks and computers due to its ease of use and accessibility.
  • MyPublicWiFi has port forwarding capabilities, is accessible in 12 different languages (English, Spanish, French, UK English, and many more), can be used without an Internet connection, and supports “Hosted Network” and “WiFi Direct for Windows 10.”
  • Once you’ve repeated or shared a connection, you may use tabs to see who’s using it. You can change MyPublicWiFi’s language or examine the log of connections you’ve made in the Management area.
  • There aren’t many further possibilities after that. However, MyPublicWiFi P2P blocking is a valuable function that prevents others who connect through your PC from downloading files using Torrent or eMule, which could significantly slow down or block your connection.

Overall, MyPublicWiFi is a useful program that allows you to share your Internet connection by establishing a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot to which other devices can connect via a safe authentication process.

It’s suitable for usage at home as well as in more prominent settings such as hotels, cafes, meeting rooms, and anywhere else where a shared Internet connection is required.

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