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Software/App Name: Jira

Category: Office & News

Setup Size: 194 MB for Windows PC 

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 & Mac OS X

JIRA is a cross-platform bug tracking and problem recognition application. It exemplifies superior project management tools and capabilities. It is an essential component in tracking software defects and is utilized by a number of well-known open source projects as their primary software development issue tool.

Download JIRA, and it will bring all of a team’s resources and knowledge assets together on one platform, making collaboration simple and open to all.

Jira for Windows PC and Mac OS

JIRA for Windows PC  is a robust project management tool that allows you to track issues and tasks for a specific project. It is designed for developers that work on a daily basis on several complex projects.

The program is designed to assist you in organizing your team, keeping track of pending tasks and issues, and creating better software products. It’s simple to use and can be accessed from any web browser. You can use a local database or an internet resource to connect.

JIRA for Mac OS is a project and task management, problem, and bug tracking platform that includes many collaboration tools, report production capabilities, add-ons, and third-party connections.

Because of its flexibility, JIRA for Mac OS is an ideal tool for the agile workplace. This solution is excellent for the modern corporate environment, from tracking shipments and monitoring sales pipelines to connecting with other team members and monitoring the development of a website.

Features and Highlights

  • JIRA Agile was created to help software development teams collaborate more effectively. It’s a fantastic tool for increasing overall productivity through the usage of agile planning procedures. Teams can stay flexible while still delivering working software in a timely manner with JIRA Agile. JIRA encourages agile development by providing a clear procedure that any project team member can use. Solid methods like scrum and kanban are used to achieve this.
  • JIRA Agile allows you to plan in great depth and with exact estimates. To enable users to modify prioritization or sprints, everything may be dragged and dropped, including bugs, tasks, and actions. JIRA generates detailed reports with rich information and graphs to highlight accomplished work and outstanding tasks at the end of the sprint. After that, they might be moved to the backlog or to the following sprint.
  • The JIRA Service Desk is probably the most useful feature of JIRA. It makes use of a queuing system that automatically prioritizes and categorizes requests based on variables that you may customize. JIRA comes with a few pre-installed queues, but you can add more whenever you want. JIRA Service Desk provides a simple and intuitive customer support portal where customers can find what they need using an easy-to-use interface that can either guide them to a suitable online help area or the most relevant person to fix their issue. 
  • JIRA has a robust service desk implementation that allows every department to collect client requests right away. This important tool can sort requests and place them in priority queues. As a result, team productivity improves. Metrics and SLAs provide enough data to provide thorough, real-time reports that will assist you in obtaining a better understanding of your team’s efficiency.