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hotspot shield
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Software/App Name: Hotspot Shield

Category: Internet/Utilities

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Mac: 10.12 or higher

Android: 5.0 or Higher

iOS:9.0 or greater

Linux: Distros

Setup Size:- Differs based on Platform

Acquire safe browsing and streaming ability with Hotspot Shield that offers quick and secure internet access. It is one of the best VPN applications in the market, offering world-class speed and security while offering comprehensive streaming support.

Exceeding most VPNs on the market, the Hotspot Shield offers plenty of features that are accessible on various platforms regardless of where you use it. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface keep things simple for any user wanting to have a VPN connection that checks all the boxes, for the most part.

Hotspot Shield for Windows PC, Mac, iOS & Android

Download Hotspot Shield on any platform or handheld device, and you’ll join the list of millions of global users who rely on the application to gain safer internet access. The critical aspect of Hotspot Shield being price may deter users from subscribing to it, but in return, it offers several benefits.

Furthermore, its customer service is known to be one of the best in the industry with 24×7 live chat support and email service, using which you can get rid of any issues that you may face, if at all.

Hotspot Shield Features

Unlike most VPN apps that only tunnel your internet connection to different servers, Hotspot Shield also ensures that it’s safe and protects its users from major vulnerabilities, big or small.

You can install or Download Hotspot Shield by navigating to the respective marketplace (app store) to begin enjoying the following features:

Multi-Device Support

  • Install Hotspot Shield on various devices like Tablets. Mobiles, Windows, Mac systems, and even Linux, Smart TVs, Chrome OS systems, and most routers.
  • It can work on five devices via individual sessions at the same time without loss of functionality or features. (Needs Hotspot Shield Premium)
  • Access Unlimited Bandwidth without a Data Cap for hours of uninterrupted internet access.

Multi-Platform Support

  • Use it to browse the web, play music, or unlock restricted OTT & Streaming content by bypassing geolocation bans on Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc.
  • Access any of the 3,200 servers across the 80+ countries without sacrificing internet speed or security.

Military Grade Encryption

  • The Catapult Hydra protocol is backed by the AES 256 bit encryption, which is the highest security grade for providing maximum speed with the best possible security.
  • Your user data isn’t shared with third parties or stored on the server but only managed to leverage to you the VPN locations and IP addresses.

Globally Quickest

  • The global list of servers allows you to pick any of the major 35+ cities for delivering the quickest internet speed in the industry.
  • Get ad-free uninterrupted browsing without any data caps across all devices and connections (Only in Premium)
  • Works with Range Extenders, mobile data, and High-Speed Broadband as well as Satellite Internet without requiring additional settings.

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