Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser
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In today’s world where the net is not only used for news and entertainment but also online bank transactions and bill payments, it is very important that your browsing data and details remain private. There are numerous ways to ensure that your details are not susceptible to the prying eyes of hackers, the best one being the Epic Privacy Browser.

Epic Privacy Browser is designed to provide the user with complete privacy and allows users to access the internet without leaving behind any of the traceable digital footprints one would usually leave behind. This makes sure that the user can browse any site at peace.

Here are some features that make this tool a great choice for all your internet browsing needs-

Hides IP

You can manage to mark your IP from intruders by using this feature. This ensures that your internet activities are not tracked to attain access to your personal information. This makes the internet a safer place to be in and allows users to access the net without having to worry about identity theft or other malicious intentions.

Third Party Cookies and Plugins

Epic Privacy Browser is capable of tackling plugins as well as blocking all third-party cookies. This allows the users to access the net without any worry about their data being leaked to other sources whether it is for advertisements or other harmful purposes. This protects users from all third-party interference making the process of browsing more convenient.

No Tracking

The tool ensures complete privacy and does not allow interference from other sources as well as its own servers. It does not keep a tab on your activity or log it in any manner. The tool ensures that the user is not being tracked in any manner to make sure that they can rely on this tool completely.

Under the Hood features

This tool automatically blocks fingerprinting scripts and image canvas data accessing to ensure that the users are not being tracked in any manner. This adds another layer to all the security features provided by the tool, putting your mind at ease completely.

You won’t find these many features and layers of security with any other tool. Hence, download Epic Privacy Browser to make sure you protect yourself while accessing the internet.

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