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Software/App Name: EasyMorph

Category: Multimedia

Setup Size: 25.12 MB for Windows 

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003

EasyMorph is a self-service data preparation and transformation application that assists non-technical business users in increasing data analysis productivity by allowing them to access, merge, and manipulate data from various sources.

EasyMorph is a comprehensive program aimed at business users and data professionals that simplifies ETL data transformation and preparation features (Extract, Transform, and Load). This process involves extracting data from source systems and storing it in a data warehouse. EasyMorph is only available for Windows PC. it does not support Linux or Mac OS versions.

EasyMorph for Windows PC 

Unlike SQL, Visual Basic, Python, SAS, or Qlik, EasyMorph for Windows PC allows you to change data visually. It accomplishes this by successively applying a filter or joining procedures on data.

EasyMorph saves all intermediate calculation results so that you may check the result of any transformation step at any time.

EasyMorph for Windows PC offers a user-friendly interface that people of various skill levels can navigate. Text and numbers can be combined in the same column, much like in spreadsheets. 

Simultaneously, EasyMorph for Windows PC functions as a database, allowing tables to be filtered, connected (joined), and aggregated correctly, even as table sizes fluctuate. These capabilities enable error-free spreadsheet data processing that is robust, transparent, and error-proof.

Features and Highlights 

EasyMorph is guaranteed to suit the needs of many users looking for a dependable ETL solution for commercial applications, thanks to its simple interface and extensive functionality. It comes in three different versions: free, pro, and plus. The following are some of the app’s most significant features:

Transform and prepare data using an ETL tool

EasyMorph can manage much more data than Excel spreadsheets, and it does it without the sluggishness that comes with larger datasets.

EasyMorph, which has a clean and professional-looking interface similar to Microsoft Office, provides a wealth of tools for preparing data for reports and dashboards, aggregating data from databases, exporting data to various formats such as CSV and XLS, and producing audit documentation, among other things.

To better understand how this software utility works, open an example project. Text files, CSV, Excel, Qlik DVD, SAS, and XML files can all be used to import tabular data with fixed-width columns.

Tableau, Excel, And Qlik Sense Are All Supported

New tables and charts can be constructed (e.g., calendar, parameter table, sequence), derived, or created in addition to importing from these sources (input, sandbox).

Basic (e.g., aggregate, clean up, convert data type), advanced (e.g., fill down, group, interval merge, pivot), filters (e.g., deduplicate rows, keep mismatching, trim table), export (e.g., database command, export to Tableau), Excel (e.g., small table by condition, unpivot), and workflow transformations (e.g., deduplicate rows, keep mismatching, small table) and workflow transformations (e.g (e.g., call another project, either table, halt on condition).

Download EasyMorph to get the more notable benefits of this incredible application. 

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