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Software/App Name: Codify

Category: Security & VPN

Setup Size: 3.81 MB for Windows 

System Requirements

OS: Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 & Mac OS X.

Codify is a free and simple encryption tool that recipients of messages can use. To decode a communication, recipients simply need the free version of the software and the password/encryption key. To encrypt data, however, the Pro version is required.

Codify encrypts a variety of text and files, including Microsoft Word and PDF documents and email attachments. Text can be submitted into Codify by either typing it directly into the interface or copying and pasting it. Recipients just copy and paste the encrypted message and enter their password to decrypt it.

Codify for Windows PC and Mac OS 

Codify for Windows PC is a powerful tool that uses a secure password to encrypt and decrypt any text or e-mail. Codify encrypts your passwords with the AES-256 method. It displays your passwords in a well-organized list. It’s also possible to keep track of your passwords.

Codify for Windows PC is an excellent approach to secure your data by encrypting it and ensuring that no one except you and the intended receiver can read it. The program allows you to encrypt an unlimited number of files, such as MS Word or PDF documents, as well as email attachments.

Codify for Mac OS is simple to use; simply select the text or file you wish to encrypt, and then select the password you want to use to encrypt that data. You can choose from a list of passwords if you wish to.

Features and Highlights 

Codify is an easy text encryption tool that achieves exactly what it claims. It’s simple to use, with a single-windowed interface, and it consumes very little system resources. Here are some of its more fascinating aspects.

Text Message Encryption Using AES-256

The application has a very user-friendly graphical interface, so even beginners may use it without too much difficulty.

You input or paste your content, then add a password and encrypt the message; after that, you may send it to your friends via email or instant messaging apps without worrying about prying eyes reading it.

The message’s recipient must copy it into their own Codify app, insert the correct password, and decrypt it.

Organize And Store Your Passwords

You can add passwords to an integrated list if you don’t want to waste time manually entering them every time you want to send an encrypted letter or if you just don’t want to remember many of them.

Codify allows you to give your passwords descriptive names, so the next time you want to encrypt a message, all you have to do is open the list, select the cipher you wish to, and you’re done.

To summarise, download Codify; it can be helpful when you need to encrypt a text quickly and distribute it to your friends, assuming they also know the correct passcode. If you’re working on a shared computer, though, you should avoid using the password list because any user, friendly or not, can see it.

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