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Do you want to make the backup copies of your music and data CDs? If yes, this tool is perfect for you.

CloneCD is a tool that allows you to create backup copies of CDs irrespective of its copy protection. It has an intuitive interface, which is good enough to enable its users to copy almost all kinds of CDs with just a few clicks of your mouse. It means copying your music and data CDs become much easier with this tool.

Copying CDs has become difficult as a result of sophisticated copyright encryption; this tool is introduced as the helping hand to make the clone of CDs by cracking just about anything.

As Windows OS does not come with a native application to copy disks, this tool plays a great role in helping users to make copies of existing disks, whether CD or DVD.

Though it is one of the most effective tools for creating copies of your disks, let’s know something more about it.

  • It not only supports almost all CDs but most of the DVDs format as well, which includes DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, and others.
  • It is highly capable of compressing wide-ranging footage at a faster speed, which called as ‘advanced transcoding technology’. It also gives you the facility to choose both the audio and language which you will want to use from DVDs.
  • In addition to its support for CDs and DVDs, this tool can also be used with ISO and UDF files.
  • The tool also supports burning of .dvd files which are being created using AnyDVD.
  • CloneCD is highly compatible with various kinds of optical drives regardless of the type of media it contains, which can be music, video or data.
  • The content is written in a RAW mode, thus giving the complete control on manipulating the data. Also, the cloning process is so fast that the copies are created within a few seconds.
  • To get familiar with this tool and to learn how it actually benefits its users, you must go for its free trial. If you are satisfied with what it offers, you need not waste time in upgrading to its pro version.

All the features of CloneCD can easily be accessed from its main interface, thus makes the task of copying CDs in an easy and simple way. This is what you always look for when cloning your CDs.

Install this highest quality copying app today.

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