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Software/App Name: CCleaner

Category: Utilities

System Requirements:

OS: Windows, macOS, Android

Setup Size: Differs based on Platform

Users dealing with frequent system crashes, or a laggy system experience should get the CCleaner to optimize their desktops and laptops. The software can also deliver other helpful features that allow better management of startup, junk files, cache, etc.

CCleaner is one of the industry’s finest tools for cleaning your computer without doing elaborate tasks and procedures. Its simplicity allows you to manage your systems more reasonably to extract maximum efficiency from them.

CCleaner for Windows PC, Mac & Android

Piriform developed CCleaner, and initially, the software was only made for Windows Operating System. However, soon its usefulness became evident to the global users, and the developers launched it on other platforms like macOS and Android.

When users download CCleaner for the first time, the interface is straightforward and intuitive enough to easily differentiate its various features that users can access with one click using its console.

CCleaner Features

The leading PC cleaner is admired for doing more than just removing trash and junk files, wherein it possesses features that can make your system run better and without typical system issues.

Users can obtain these outcomes by making use of the following features below, which are available for both Premium users and Free users. (Limited Access)

Junk File Removal

Cleaning a computer system goes beyond merely removing unwanted files and folders from the Recycle bin. Here’s primarily where the software shines as it can additionally present to users the option to remove the following types of files:

  • System Cache Files
  • Redundant System Files
  • Empty Folders
  • Empty Files
  • Redundant Log Files
  • Dormant Downloads
  • Big File Size items
  • Temporary Files
  • And so on

Crash Prevention

Running a system ideally can never be always possible because sooner or later, the user might run into unwanted system shutdowns, improper program installation, and other types of issues. Regardless of these reasons, the software offers the following features to avoid system crashes:

  • Registry Files Fixer
  • Removing Corrupt Installations
  • Removing Outdated Softwares
  • DLL files fixer

Note: Removing or Fixing Registry files and DLL files should always be done in synchronization with first taking a backup of each to prevent unforeseen loss of data on the system.

Faster Startup

To have a quicker system, it needs to work in a lenient manner which is possible to accomplish using the following features offered by the Piriform developed software:

  • Managing Startup Applications
  • Enable/Disable Startup Services
  • Enable/Disable Memory Hogging Softwares on Boot

Secure Browsing

Users who regard maintaining their privacy to be kept secure when browsing the internet will appreciate the following features that help keep their identities safer during their browsing sessions, irrespective of the browsers they may use.

  • Removing Browser Cache
  • Removing Old Browsing Sessions
  • Removing Browsing History

Note: Users who remove their browser cache will need to login into their respective website accounts again. However, this practice ensures that malicious applications cannot trace the locally stored data back to the user.

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